2 Google Ads automations

Did you ever wonder why Google Ads doesn’t have a standard budget automation tool?

Well, I always wondered because I wanted to do two things:

  1. Adjust my budget when I had a good sales week in my online store www.bluenow.nl;
  2. Adjust my budget for a product where sales depend on the weather (umbrella or beachwear).


There are some advanced (expensive) tools available for doing this but we think the cheapest and best way to do it is by using Integromat.

Below you can find two simple samples that are triggered by a webhook (URL you can call) and OpenWeathermap.

Adjust my budget after a good week of online sales

In this sample we use a webhook URL to trigger the automation but in real life you need to hook this up to your e-commerce environment and a data collection that contains you weekly sales. It’s possible but very specific for your own situation. Basically you would calculate the total sales for a week and determine what that sales could mean for your ad budget.

So in this sample we use a simple trigger which adjusts the budget. Of course this can be extended.


You need to have a Google Ads account connected in the Connections part of Integromat.

You first need to add a webhook trigger to the Integromat canvas. The next step is to attach a Google Ads Campaign Management module and fill out the settings.

It’s important to pick the right settings. You need to pick:

  • method: update a campaign budget;
  • type: builder;
  • your ads account;
  • the correct campaign budget ID;
  • the number of micros.

I think we need to explain the micros value a little more. 1 micro is 1-millionth of the fundamental currency you use. If your account is in USD, then 1 USD = 1000000 micros. In our case 4000000 micros is EUR 4.

If you run this automation by visiting the webhook url that you have created it will set your budget accordingly.

Adjust my budget for a product where sales depends on the weather (umbrella or beachwear)

This is a more complex automation where we pull weather data from OpenWeatherMap.


You need to have Google Ads connected in Integromat and you need an API key from OpenWeatherMap.

Below you can see how the flow looks. It gets the local weather for the city we are located in and based on the rain it sets a budget. As an alternative you can also pause/start a campaign.

It is very easy to configure the OpenWeatherMap module to support your city, see below: